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Terrina Mason Terrina N. Mason

BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Leader

Massage Practitioner / Spa Body Masseuse

Over 14 Years Experience In The Health & Fitness Industry

My Personal Goal

"To assist clients in managing their quality of life by focusing on their personal health and wellness. Offering innovative, life-style supportive training & exercise programs and/or massage services using varied techniques & modalities. Ultimately, exceeding the clients expectations of customer service excellence."

My Story

In 1997, while organizing the BC Games for Athletes with a Disability, I had the misfortune of being rear-ended, at a high speed, while exiting the highway. This began an on again, off again 2 year rehabilitation program at Fraser Valley Orthopedics & Sports Therapy. And although rehab was beneficial, I ended up with a permanent low back injury to L3, L4, L5 and the Sacroiliac Joint and a not so healthy 180 pounds. The owners of FV Orthopedic encouraged me to work within the health & fitness industry, so, following the birth of my daughter in 1999, at 215 pounds, I hired a Personal Trainer and began my education in fitness. Even though I live with a permanent injury, getting hurt in that car accident was quite simply "a blessing"" for it has changed my life. Fitness can change your life too.

With the goal of offering my clients the most up-to-date personal training services, I have continued my education in health and fitness yearly. In the spring of 2012, I decided to expand my services by offering massage treatments which "marries" well with personal training. In the fall of 2013, I completed an accelerated program with an Honors Diploma. Achieving balance in life is a goal for most of us...and my new studio "The Oasis" offers clients the opportunity to unwind, relax and feel rejuvenated.

Whether it's for personal training sessions or massage treatments, when it comes to my clients my personal goal remains the same "To assist clients in managing their quality of life by focusing on their personal health and wellness". I look forward to working with you and assisting you in achieving your health & fitness goals.

Each Client Is Unique - So Are Their Workouts

Are you tired of the same boring workout routines, can't seem to reach your goals, have you hit a plateau, or just never worked out before?

Are you interested in getting healthy, losing body fat, toning up, building muscles, increasing stamina, preparing for sport or preparing for work i.e. RCMP PARE testing?

Terrina will help you reach your fitness goals through personalized training. Her goal is to teach, train, motivate, and see you succeed in reaching your goals. There is no "quick fix", however, Terrina will help you achieve your best body in a healthy way by providing you with the tools and skills you need to change your habits and your physique. She uses varied tools from varied disciplines as necessary.

Your workouts can include combinations of, or entire sessions may utilize: strength training, interval training, bodybuilding, cardiovascular conditioning, sports & athletic training & drills, yoga, dance, Pilates, and flexibility.

Terrina Provides

Massage Services
One-on-One Personal Training
Partner Personal Training
Indoor Boot Camp
Outdoor Boot Camp
Sports Specific Conditioning
Nordic Pole Walking
Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness
• Motivation & Guidance on reaching your personal health & fitness goals
• Education & Techniques for strength training, Cardio & basic nutrition

Terrina maintains her certification and knowledge by continuing her education yearly with classes on Exercise technique & Nutrition. Her goal is to help others succeed in creating and maintaining a fit & healthy body and lifestyle.


Living Active Fitness & Massage
Tel: 1-604-795-0342
Email: info@livingactivefitness.com

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