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"You Will Be Energized All Day!"

January & February 2011
Our Boot Camp style class is a great way to increase strength, boost aerobic capacity, improve flexibility, lose weight, and break through plateaus! A dynamic, motivational 60 minute class that is a “can't miss workout!”

The program is customized to meet the needs of our participants - a 45 minute combination of resistance training, cardiovascular training, and sport specific drills with chanting, singing, and loads of fun! Regardless of your fitness level, emphasis is placed on exercising safely, having fun, and completing the challenge. The class finishes with 15 minutes of gentle stretching exercises to incorporate the complete mind/body experience.
Group at Wall Rory Boot camp Pic Dumbell Rowing

LeanneA "I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your boot camp program! It’s crazy great and so are you! You’re positive & passionate about helping. Your “always sunshine at 5:30 am attitude”, keeps me focused on the goal. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. I'll be back…your amazing! Luv ya!"
Leanne A., Sr. Acct. Mgr., StarFM

"It was just meant to be. I signed up for Terrina's Indoor Boot Camp on a whim! I saw an ad in the local newspaper, picked up the phone and registered. Not knowing anyone in the class didn't stop me from attending and I am sure that if I had relied on someone else I knew to join me I may never have gone at all!! lol I am so glad that I did! By the end of the second week of classes I was capable of performing some of the activities without modifications! I was also noticing my clothes fitting differently and my stamina throughout the day was improving (no more mid day "rests"). I have a ways to go to obtain the weight loss I am looking for and Terrina's class has given me a fantastic start to getting there! Thanks, Terrina!"
Tana M., Age 38
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Enrollment includes:

Each Boot Camp class is 60 minutes and offered as a four (4) week session. Variety is the name of the game; you will be motivated & challenged daily. At Living Active Fitness, we believe strongly in addressing all components of fitness training including strength, cardiovascular endurance, core conditioning, power and stamina.

• Walking/Jogging and/or Running
• Plyometrics/Jumping/Hopping/Bounding/Skipping
• Body Weight Exercises
• Dumbbell (free weight) Exercises
• Resistance Tubing Exercises
• Core & Balance Training

When & Where:

Session #1  Monday, January 3rd to Friday, January 28th

Session #2  Monday, January 31st to Friday, February 25th

• Classes are Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings
• 5:30a.m. – 6:30 a.m.
• Pacific Allstar Cheerleading, Unit 106 – 45778 Gaetz Street, Sardis (Behind Major League Pub)

What to Bring:

An exercise/yoga mat, bottle of water and a towel are required. Also, please bring a Swiss (Body) Ball, Hand Weights & Resistance Tubing to enhance your workout. Please make sure that you print out, complete and bring with you copy of the following forms from our website:
Par Q & YouInformed Consent Release  and  Insurance & Indemnity Release.


• 1 four week session – 3 classes per week – 12 Classes $120.00 (Total $134.40 with HST)

• 1 four week session – 2 classes per week – 8 Classes $96.00 (Total $107.52 with HST)

• 1 four week session – 1 class per week – 4 Classes $60.00 (Total $67.20 with HST)**

** As space is limited, 1X per week sessions will only be sold based on availability.

So depending on your availability that's 4 to 12 hours of intense, fat burning instruction and guidance with a certified professional trainer for $10.00 to 15.00 an hour! At Living Active Fitness, we take pride in the achievements of our clients and will go that extra mile (no pun intended) to make sure that you are another Boot Camp success! We look forward to working with you to reach your goals. For more information, please contact me or call 604-795-0342.
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