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Building Healthy Lifestyles for Kids

"...Get Your Kids Fit And Healthy With An Exercise Program That Is Fun, Safe and Effective!"
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At Living Active Fitness & Massage, we are committed to working towards a "Generation of Healthy People"...the goals are to increase one's quality of life as well as life expectancy. To achieve these goals, we must concentrate on the health of our children. We are a generation of adults who are more knowledgeable and motivated to make exercise a part of health...and health a part of each person's quality of life. As a parent, it is difficult to imagine a more important issue than improving the physical activity and fitness of our children.

Normally, the majority of a child's physical activity takes place in organized programs outside of school, and many of these activity programs are directed at building elite athletes. At Living Active Fitness, we believe that in order to reach the majority of children, organized sports and activity programs must be based on activity, fitness and fun rather than competition and athletic ability.

Your child can achieve both exercise and fitness results...but more importantly, HAVE FUN when they participate in physical activities that are noncompetitive, skill-building, and pleasurable. At Living Active Fitness, we promote and provide exercise programs that give all types and shapes of children pleasure as well as help them develop good habits and, at the same time, focus on building age appropriate skills & abilities...a proven formula that is needed to improve the fitness in our children.

What will FitPlay with Living Active Fitness give your child? Our goal is to instill health and fitness as a way of life. Classes are professionally designed to develop motor and age-appropriate skills, to promote physical fitness, and create self-confidence. All FitPlay Programs are designed with games and activities that are genuinely fun and will encourage children to feel good about themselves, to feel confident in movement, and to make exercise a lifelong habit.

At Living Active Fitness, we stress a non-competitive environment and promote fun above all else in our classes and programs. We will challenge your child to work to his/her full capability, while still maintaining the building of confidence and self-esteem, all the while promoting "Fitness is Fun" as our highest priority. With FitPlay, both the athletically inclined child and the sedentary child will benefit greatly!

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