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FitPlay Benefits of Physical Activity

"It is just as important to grow up fit as it is to grow up smart."

(Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the foreword to Dr. Ken Cooper's book "Kid Fitness" 1999, xii)

When children are active they... Green Apple

• Build stronger muscles and bones
• Increase flexibility; Promotes good posture & balance
• Increase their metabolism resulting in a leaner body with less fat & are less    likely to become overweight
• Strengthen their hearts
• Are at a decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes
• Enhance healthy growth & development
• Have a happier, more positive outlook on life

Good exercise habits learned at childhood are the foundation of health & fitness for a lifetime.
Research has shown that children that are physically active feel better about themselves, have better mental health, and perform better in school. Recent studies have proven that regular physical activity participation can have a positive effect on:

• academic performance
• improving memory
• problem solving skills
• decision making skills
• Significant improvements in attitudes, discipline, behaviors, and creativity.

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