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The Solution – FitPlay Programs with Living Active Fitness & Massage

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Active Kids = Healthy and Happy Kids

Every kid wants to have fun and make friends. Most of them naturally love to move and be physically active. Many want to get stronger and improve their physical skills or sports performance or to simply "fit in" and feel good about themselves. And some even need to get out from in front of the TV or computer and lose some weight (or gain some muscle).

You want that for them too. You want them to be as healthy and happy as can be. FitPlay with Living Active Fitness gives your children age 3-13 all that, and more.

At Living Active Fitness we know that all children do not develop at the same speed, nor do they spend the same amount of time at each stage of development. We treat each child as an individual...usually a child is ahead in some areas, behind in others, and typical in still other areas of their development. Our classes and programs are designed with this in mind... build on what the child knows and can do. Non-competitive, continuous movement, continuous participation & fun!

Our programs & classes are all designed age-appropriate and combine a Cardio workout with strength and flexibility exercises through a series of exciting and ever-changing games & activities. Lesson plans include: Establishing the Ground Rules, the Warm Up, Strength Building Activities, Pre-Cardio, Aerobic Activities, Post-Cardio, Cool-Down, Props, Themes and may include Nutritional Education (depending on age).

When working with children & youth, safety is our #1 priority. Living Active Fitness adheres to the sound fitness principles & guidelines as outlined by NASPE – the National Association for Sport & Physical Education; ACSM – American College of Sports Medicine; NSCA – the National Strength & Conditioning Association and Canada's Guide to Physical Activity. Effective program planning, using sound fitness principles and creating wellness & fun activities are guaranteed to build healthy lifestyles for kids!
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"Thank you for your commitment & interest in the health of your children!"

Kids Playing FitPlay for children ages 3 to 6 The main objective is to avoid sport specialization while encouraging the development of a broad range of fundamental motor skills such as: Basic Movement, Directional Changes, Coordination, Balance, Agility, Spatial Awareness, Speed, Hand-eye Coordination, Flexibility, Strength, Movement at Different Levels, Joint Action, Running, and Gliding. Other objectives include: Body Awareness; Development of Self Esteem, Social & Group Skills; Cooperation, Sharing, Working with a Partner; Exploring Stillness & Unrestrained Movement.

Younger children need these skills to serve as building blocks before they are put into organized sports and to ready them for a lifelong habit of being physically active and ultimately physically educated. The classes are designed based on themes & games that will make for a fun fitness experience. Children at this age learn best through creative thinking, exploratory play, and repetitive actions and by simply having fun.

Kids Playing FitPlay "Fairy Tales" (Preschool Ages 3-4) – Our main focus here is to simply encourage all the children to participate! There's little focus on the correct mechanics of the movements.

Children will simply have fun while performing all the activities & skills. A few games include:
Kids Playing
Watermelon Rock
Buoy in the Ocean
Log Roll
Bicycle Kick
Jungle Adventure
Crazy Arms
Food Tag
Eiffel Tower Stretch
Penguins & Ducks
Roller Ball

Kids Playing

FitPlay "Fantasia" (Kindergarten Ages 5-6) – With this age group, we begin to teach Specific Skills one at a time, and the mechanics of movement are corrected with positive, constructive feedback. Again we encourage all the children to participate, perform and have fun! A few games include:
Donkey Kicks
Leap Frog
Follow the Leader
The Can Opener
Frozen Beanbag
Catch your Shadow
Shadows & Mirrors
Leapin' Lizards
Chain Reaction
Be a Flamingo!
On the Move!
Earthquake Hopscotch!

Kids Playing

FitPlay for children ages 7 to 13 years. The objective with children in this age group is to integrate aerobic training principles, and the fitness components of flexibility, muscular strength, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, and, to a lesser degree, body composition. Other objectives include: hand-eye & hand-foot coordination; reaction time(s); gross & fine motor skill development; ambidextrous activity; memory patterns and skills; rhythm & coordination.
This age group works well in more structured programs... teamwork and team building - in circles, small groups and with partners, so we also focus on a "socialization" aspect in their programming. Sport's skills, aerobic dance, creative movement, circuit and/or interval training are all included. Older children especially enjoy the challenge of using hand weights, bands, tubing, and steps that simulate adult resistance training, so where available, these pieces of equipment will also be incorporated into the classes. Kids Playing

FitPlay "Firebirds" (Ages 7-13) – Skills, Strength & Stamina Programs - With this age group activities that
Kids Playing develop balance, coordination, and agility, are taught placing less emphasis on power and speed. Sport's skills are taught however sport's drills, power and speed are incorporated into the programs only when there is self-competition versus competition with others. And as always, FUN! Popular sports and fitness themes include:
Vigorous Volleyball
Power Aerobics
Ball Mania
Power Aerobics
Ballistic Basketball
Pump It Up!
Electric Slide
Let's Move: Floating,
Awesome Abdominals
Dancin' Daze
Shape-Up Sport Circuit
Shaking, Twisting & Twirling
Kids Playing

Kids Playing FitPlay Family Fitness – The main concept of this program is to be involved with your child and to make exercise fun for the whole family. This is one of the few fitness programs available you can enjoy with your child, regardless of your fitness levels. Toddlers and older children love to mimic the movements of their parent...can you think of a better way to introduce your child to fitness and get a workout yourself? The program contains a variety of exercises that the whole family will enjoy doing together over and over again. Open to children ages 3 - 13 and their parents, this program challenges hand/eye coordination, speed, agility, rhythm, core strength and aerobic capacity. Various games & activities include warm-ups for kids and parents, song & dance, muscle toning and moves for the abs and lower body. The muscle conditioning incorporates easy movements, such as stepping side to side, which will not only boost Cardio benefits but allow for continued interaction with your child.
FitPlay for Moms or Pops n' Tots (Ages 3-4)
Kids Playing
FitPlay ExerKids (Ages 5-13)
Kids Playing
FitPlay Family Fitness keeps everyone in the class moving, laughing and enjoying quality time together. We encourage parents to participate with their children at all times...your child will learn that fitness is something to enjoy as a family, and this will create a bonding moment that you both will benefit from and enjoy! With a FitPlay Family Program, Fitness is Fun!
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Family fitness
Family fitness

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