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FitPlay Ideas

"With the rising number of schools cutting physical education out of their curriculum, where are children going to get the exercise they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle?"

    At Living Active Fitness, we offer a variety of services for kids in the Chilliwack area:

1. FitPlay Fiesta Birthday Parties - Kids With Balloons Another year has gone by and you are out of party ideas? No time to plan games & activities for your child's special day? A FitPlay Fiesta Birthday Party is full of physical activity and fun for your child...a variety of games will be planned where kids will jump, throw, laugh, move and enjoy a fun adventure together! Parents can take time to relax & enjoy the day, spend time with other guests or choose to participate in the fun filled activities! A qualified instructor will come to your location with all equipment and music needed. For an exciting birthday party experience and to schedule your party date, time and location, Contact Us today!

2. Private Schools – Talk to your school about bringing a proven FitPlay fitness program together for your kids. Daily or weekly programs are available. FitPlay is more fun than just a run around the block!

3. After-School Programs – Normally send your child to After-School Daycare? Choose fitness instead! With a minimum of 8 kids, a FitPlay Program can be arranged to be held after school from 3:30 – 5:30, every Monday thru Thursday during the school year.

4. Pre-Schools – Have your child's Pre-School incorporate a kid's FitPlay program in their daily activities. Living Active Fitness can train & provide your Pre-School staff with ideas, games and activities to keep your kids moving!

5. Home Schools – Obviously the easiest thing to do is to send your kids "out to play" but if you're looking for something a little more structured than that, why not have your kids participate in a FitPlay Program? And, if you want to have even more fun, why not organize a FitPlay Program for your home-school community and have all the kids "play" together!

6. Gym or Fitness Centres – Need a workout but don't have Daycare or a sitter for your kids? Ask your gym or fitness centre to begin a FitPlay program. Parents can drop off their child for a fun workout customized to the child's age group. Kids have the opportunity to socialize as well as get into shape, and the parents get a little "me time" for their own workout at the gym.

7. Recreation Centre Family FitPlay Challenge - is one family night you won't want to miss! You and your family members are sure to laugh and have a great time - creating memories to be talked about for years to come! Ask your recreation or fitness centre to incorporate a FitPlay Family Challenge night where you can come with your family to challenge yourselves and other families in fun and wacky games!

8. The Backyard Blitz – Have a family fitness day! Your front or back yard, your local park, we can make working out fun anywhere for your kids or your family! Contact Us and we come to you!

Contact Us to set up a free consultation and see how Living Active Fitness can help make fitness, exercise and a kid's FitPlay program FUN and ENJOYABLE for your child, children or family. Call Today!

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