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Exercise versus Sports

Kids Team One of the biggest obstacles to building exercise and fitness habits in children is the view that exercise is synonymous with sports. Not only is there no requirement that the playing of sports be used to accomplish the goals of physical activity, it is reported that by adolescence (age 13) a majority of boys and an even greater number of girls have left organized sports and vigorous exercise programs. Statistics indicate that by the age of 15 to 16 years, 80% to 90% of children drop out of competitive sports activities and no longer regularly participate in any sort of physical activity. Why?

Why do kids drop out of Sports?

There are physiological immaturities that may preclude the ability of a child to compete successfully in competitive sports (muscular strength and neurological factors) but there are other factors, more importantly, such as how playing in competitive sports can make a child feel...
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• Constant failure in competition
• Mismatching children at different developmental stages in team sports
• Too much organization and practice drilling and not enough fun
• Emotional stress from performance demands
• Negative feedback from parents and coaches
• Not getting to play in sports events; sitting on the sidelines

The simple, basic principles of fitness are continuous movement and self-competition versus performance...and despite the knowledge collected from adult fitness and aerobic programs over the past 20 years, these principles it seems, have not filtered down into children's physical activities in school and extracurricular programs...
School physical education programs at all levels often remain centered on activities that do not emphasize continuous, fitness-based activity. Beginning in grades 3 to 4 there is a dramatic shift toward team sports & competition in school physical education and extracurricular programs. And this is the age when children begin to "quit"...
By the age of 9, children with average athletic abilities drop out of organized sports and games because quite simply, they feel they can't keep up...
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