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The New Fitness Sensation!

Invented by world renowned fitness instructor Mindy Mylrea, Woman Stretching the revolutionary Gliding™ sliding disc exercise transforms standard exercise movements into smooth, graceful lines of flowing motion.

Gliding is so Effective, Everyone is Talking about it...

"These moves BLAST FAT in a fun, effective way!" Shape Magazine.
"Provides a full body toning and sculpting workout" Women's Health & Fitness.
"It's super easy to use!" Women's World Magazine.
"Simple yet super effective moves!" First Magazine.
"The workout is a knockout!" Washington Post.

What Is Gliding

Exercising while using the Gliding™ sliding disc allows for smooth, fluid, graceful movements...eliminating high impact on your joints. You'll end up working multiple muscles in unison with other forms of exercise such as Strength Training, Yoga, Pilates and Core Conditioning... a fun, new way for a great total body workout! Common exercise routines are energized and old exercises become new again!

Specifically designed sliding discs help you achieve optimal range of motion more easily and consistently with many exercises. With the Gliding™ sliding discs, new and effective lunge variations and combinations can now be competently performed. The entire movement becomes engaging and purposeful. Simply put, it adds a smooth touch onto tough stuff!

Working with the Gliding™ sliding disc incorporates:
• Body Sculpting
• Balance
• Flexibility
• Core Conditioning
• Cardiovascular Conditioning
• Progressive movements Strengthen and Lengthen Muscles

Join the Gliding Revolution!

Gliding Exercise 1 Gliding Exercize 2 Gliding Exercise 3

Revolutionary Exercise that Strengthens & Lengthens Muscles
• Gliding™ exercises allow you to do smooth, graceful movements that firm, tone and sculpt long, lean beautiful muscles.
• The secret is the revolutionary sliding motion that engages your muscles through a full range to strengthen and lengthen the major muscle groups of your entire body.
• You can sculpt shapely legs, tone your inner and outer thighs, trim your hips and firm and lift your buns.

Unique Movements
• The Gliding™ sliding discs are specially designed to slide smoothly and allow you to experience new movements that work your muscles like never before.

Dynamically Sequenced
• The unique movements in the Gliding™ are dynamically sequenced, combining Cardio and strength.

Don't wait!    Start Gliding™ today! For more information about Gliding™ or to attend a Gliding™ exercise class, please contact us.

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