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Nordic Pole Walking

Group Poling ...is a fantastic sport new to North America, but popular in Scandinavian countries for almost 20 years. It involves walking on urban settings with two specially designed walking poles; think cross-country skiing without the skis! The popularity of Nordic Walking in Canada has just recently exploded.

I am committed to bringing participants the best Nordic walking experience possible. It's fun, it's easy and most importantly, think of all the health benefits!

What does Nordic Pole Walking have to offer you?
A Full Body Workout!

• Exercise the entire body, including "trunk" muscles, using no more perceived effort than regular walking alone.
• Strengthen abdominal, back, arm, shoulder, chest & leg muscles.Woman Poling
• Burn from 28 - 70% more calories compared to regular walking.
• Increase cardiovascular fitness.
• Improve overall stamina and muscle endurance.
• Improve lymph system function.
• Reduce stress on hips, knees & ankle joints.
• Improve stability, helps to maintain and correct posture and balance.
• Helps to maintain overall bone density.
• Enhance energy and mood.
• Can be practiced on almost any terrain (asphalt, gravel, grass, snow, etc.)
• Easy to learn and suitable for people of all ages & fitness levels.
• Enjoy fun, convenient fresh-air total body exercise.

Woman Poling Don't wait! Start Nordic Walking today! For more information please contact Terrina Mason, Certified Personal Trainer and Nordic Walking/Urban Poling Instructor or

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