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Partner Personal Training

You may prefer to train with a partner (spouse, friend, co-worker, etc). Partner personal training is very popular because, besides being less expensive per person than one-on-one personal training, exercising with a partner is fun and may provide you with a source of additional motivation.
Women Doing Leg Raises Partner personal training sessions meet the objectives of both you and your partner, specifically addressing each individual's unique needs and goals. Like one-on-one personal training, Terrina will continue to adapt your workouts as you and your partner improve, and continuously consult with you both regarding your likes, dislikes, and level of satisfaction regarding your training sessions

Partner Personal Training can be provided in a gym setting, the comfort and convenience of your own home or depending on the season…in the great outdoors! For more information, please contact Terrina Mason today!

Casey and Jane Langbroek “As is with so many things we think that we are able to get things that are important achieved on our own. Just think of the New Year Resolutions that have failed, the "I will do it" commitments that, while well intentioned, did not amount to anything....I know that most can relate.”

“As a Business Coach I know that this help comes through encouragement from and accountability to someone who is a professional trained in the area where they deliver results. That is the reason why my wife, Jane, and I looked for a Personal Trainer and found Terrina.”

“Terrina has worked effectively with us; we have set goals; we have achieved results in improved levels of fitness. We thank Terrina for her tenacity, for her encouragement and her willingness to push us beyond what we perceive to be our limits. Thank you, Terrina!”

Casey and Jane Langbroek

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