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What are the benefits of strength training during pregnancy?

The benefits of strength training during pregnancy are not limited to your pregnancy itself, but also continue on into your labor, delivery and postpartum stages as well. The benefits begin with increased strength to help support and carry around your ever-growing baby belly. A strong back will be better equipped to handle the extra strain it must endure as your pregnancy progresses. Other benefits include:

Woman with small weitghts • Gain less weight, deposit and retain less fat
• Help prepare you for the rigors of childbirth.
• Reduce pregnancy discomfort (improved posture).
• Help to increase your energy.
• Fend off the pregnancy blues (improve your mood).
• Help you sleep better.
• Reduce Stress & lift your spirits.
• Improve your self-image.
• Shorter and less complicated labor.
• Help you get your body back faster postnatal.
• Help to build extra bone density (offset the loss induced by lactation).

"Exercise can be beneficial to any pregnancy as long as you listen to your body, and your doctor."

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