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Postnatal Personal Training

Two Women with babies If you have just given birth, and want to learn how to get your body back into pre-pregnancy shape, Living Active Fitness can safely and effectively help you lose that excess "Baby Weight". After the strains of pregnancy and labor, you need to make careful and informed exercise choices. Did you know that the hormone relaxin, which softens ligaments and joints can remain in the body for up to 6 months post-partum?
Following the guidelines as set by the SOGC, Living Active Fitness will design a customized postpartum fitness program that is safe, effective and specifically tailored to your individual needs. Exercising after the birth of your child (post-partum) offers you a host of benefits - with the guidance and knowledge of a certified personal trainer you will achieve the results:

• Postnatal Weight Loss & Management.
• Reduce or Eliminate the symptoms of both Physical & Mental Stress.
• Improved or faster recovery from labor & childbirth.
• Muscle gain and body toning.
• Functional strength and endurance to help with the new tasks associated with motherhood.
• Faster return to pre-pregnancy fitness levels.
• Reduced likelihood of PND (post-natal depression).
• If required, Diastasis Recti Rehabilitation (a split in the abdominal muscles)

Prenatal / Postnatal personal training is available in your home or fitness centre. To set up a personal training appointment, or for more information about this and other fitness services, please Contact Us.

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