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Pre Natal

Prenatal Personal Training

Pregnant Woman If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant staying fit is extremely important. Working with a qualified, personal trainer is the safest and most effective way to achieve your health and fitness goals, while you meet the challenges of your pregnancy. The goal of exercise is to maintain or improve overall fitness, strength, and flexibility through a safe and comfortable fitness program.

Following the guidelines as set by the SOGC and your doctor, Living Active Fitness will design a customized prenatal fitness program that will help you:

• Gain the Strength and Stamina (cardiovascular conditioning) required for labor and delivery.
• Alleviate pregnancy Aches and Pains (the postural changes that occur during pregnancy).
• Core Strength & Stability.
• Stretching & Flexibility.
• Improve your Mood and Sleep Patterns.
• Reduce Tension, Anxiety and Fatigue.
• Decrease Prenatal Weight Gain (fat deposition & retention).
• Increase your Muscle Tone and Energy Levels.
• Pelvic Floor Muscles – Strengthening & Conditioning

Living Active Fitness & Massage
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