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Personal Training Services

"It's not your Shape...It's the Shape you're in..."

As a Certified Personal Trainer with over 14 years in business, Terrina has the experience, education, expertise, and enthusiasm to motivate and inspire you to reach your health & fitness goals! Living Active Fitness offers you personalized, functional fitness training by teaching, training, and motivating you to be "your best". Ultimately, seeing you succeed in reaching your health & fitness goals!

What Are Your Fitness Goals...?

• Getting Healthy
• Losing Body Fat
• Building Muscles
• Increasing Stamina
• Increasing Flexibility
• Preparing for Sport
• Preparing for Work i.e. RCMP, P.A.R.E.
• Or simply for a sense of Wellness
• Learning how to Exercise correctly
• Muscle Toning
• Building Strength
• Increasing Cardiovascular Endurance
• Post Rehab following surgery
• Preparing for baby
• Getting Active with your Kids

And Remember...

Fitness Is Fun

Train Your Body The Way That It Moves

During day-to-day activities and in most sports, our body functions in a really integrated fashion. The body doesn't move in just one way. The body doesn't move in isolation. We never work just one muscle or one joint...we use the whole body...Upper Body, Lower Body, Torso all simultaneously in very compound multi-muscle, multi-joint movements. At Living Active Fitness & Massage we utilize Functional Fitness – training your body in the way that it moves in everyday life...in everyday activities...

Each Client Is unique. So Are Their Workouts.

Are you tired of the same boring workout routines, can't seem to reach your goals, have you hit a plateau, or just never worked out before?

There is no "quick fix", however, Terrina will help you achieve your best body in a healthy way by providing you with the tools and skills you need to change your habits and your physique.

With functional fitness movements in mind, your workouts will include combinations of, or entire sessions may utilize: strength training, interval training, bodybuilding, cardiovascular conditioning, sports & athletic training & drills, yoga, dance, Pilates, and flexibility.

All Our Services

Massage Services
One-on-One Personal Training
Partner Personal Training
Indoor Boot Camp
Outdoor Boot Camp
Sports Specific Conditioning
Nordic Pole Walking
Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness
• Motivation & Guidance on reaching your personal health & fitness goals
• Education & Techniques for strength training, Cardio & basic nutrition

Living Active Fitness & Massage
Tel: 1-604-795-0342
Email: info@livingactivefitness.com

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