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"The Oasis Testimonials"


"Terrina has the best "Hot Healing Hands", felt like a Hot Stone Massage. Awesome!"
"Back again. It was excellent - I'm so relaxed. Thank you. Especially loved the work on my feet!"

Colleen R.

"I was hesitant, even resistant to getting a full body massage but this experience was amazing & very educational. Sign me up!"
Scott M.

"This was my first massage, and Terrina really put me at ease. It was extremely awesome! Dito on the "warm hands"
Sabine G.

"I have been to 4 others for massage and Terrina's massage was the "Best Ever!"
Michael M.

"Terrina seems to know how to find all the tight spots!"
"Back again. It was awesome! Somehow Terrina just gets better and better!"

Cindy F.

"Fantastic, stimulating massage - Amazing warm hands "The Best!"
"Back again after 1 month. Terrina gave me a lower leg & foot massage. Fantastic! Good circulation after."
"Back again. Terrina is the best EVER...thank you soooo much!"

Leanne A.

"Amazing massage, lots of extra and care. Would say 5 star hotel quality!"
Erica S.

"My massage was really great! Terrina relaxed some very tight muscles."
"Back again after 1 month. Massage was amazing. After a 2 day camping/hiking trip it was a godsend!"

Gary F.

"90 minute Hot Stone Massage. My first ever hot stone and it was amazing!"
Angela C.

"I came to Terrina with the worst headache. The session ended with me being relaxed, and no headache!"
Patricia S.

"Terrina's massage was a great "work out" for my tight muscles. Ended very relaxing."
Ken H.

"A fantastic massage! Some very tight muscles are now relaxed."
"Back again, this time for a lower leg & foot massage. All I can say is OHH! Great!!"
"The Fusion massage is sooooo good! It warms the muscles up and soothes and then the massage. I have never actually fallen asleep before, but this massage was so relaxing. Terrina says I can’t do that all the time. I have too many muscles that need 'work' to just be sleeping on the job. lol!"

Marjorie L.

"So great! Feeling much less stressed!"
Natalie P.

"Fantastic job! Wow I felt great!"
Cris A.

"Fantastic, nice, soothing. Especially loved the massage on the head, hands & feet!"
Tamara F.

"Excellent. Really enjoyed it. Can't wait til next time! Thanks!"
Shirley W.

"Deep Tissue - absolutely lovely! Thank you!"
Shona S.

"Super Fantastic. Great hot hands, I will be back!"
Clara M.

"Excellent. Thank you so very much. Very healing!"
Emily S.

"Very well done! First massage ever and it felt awesome!"
Robert H.

"Terrina's technique is awesome. Felt totally relaxed."
Tami P.

"Wonderful! Again Please!"
Elaine M.

"This was my first massage and it was Great! Very relaxing!"
Katie A.

"This was my first massage and it was so good, I loved it!"
Tracy C.

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