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LeanneA "I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your boot camp program! It’s crazy great and so are you! You’re positive & passionate about helping. Your “always sunshine at 5:30 am attitude”, keeps me focused on the goal. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. I'll be back…your amazing! Luv ya!"
Leanne A., Sr. Acct. Mgr., StarFM

"It was just meant to be. I signed up for Terrina's Indoor Boot Camp on a whim! I saw an ad in the local newspaper, picked up the phone and registered. Not knowing anyone in the class didn't stop me from attending and I am sure that if I had relied on someone else I knew to join me I may never have gone at all!! lol I am so glad that I did! By the end of the second week of classes I was capable of performing some of the activities without modifications! I was also noticing my clothes fitting differently and my stamina throughout the day was improving (no more mid day "rests"). I have a ways to go to obtain the weight loss I am looking for and Terrina's class has given me a fantastic start to getting there! Thanks, Terrina!"
Tana M., Age 38

KristyS "There is no sleeping in this camp! It is fun, challenging and keeps me guessing in a good way! Terrina has an enthusiastic, positive attitude. She clearly knows what she is doing and accommodates all fitness levels and injuries to insure everyone gets the best workout possible. This is definitely not a workout you could motivate yourself to do on your own. Terrina is there every step to push you to your best!"
Kristi S., Sr. Administrator, Age 40

"I have had the privilege to work with Terrina a couple of times and am very happy with her. I am a fairly over weight woman in my 40's with several health issues. I am enrolled in Terrina's indoor boot-camp and I love it! She took the time to go over modifications with me and she keeps an eye out for all the participants in the class. I love that she understands my weaknesses, yet does not allow me to use them as excuses. The class has people of all fitness levels and ages, each working to the best of their ability. Terrina is an awesome mix of compassion, knowledge and Jillian Michaels. I highly recommend her and her class!"
Karolyne O., Business Owner Age 48

Mary "Terrina Mason is well-versed in women's fitness and the issues of changes in our bodies with age. I like that she approaches fitness from a holistic approach always giving lots of helpful hints on nutrition, hydration, and stress management. Terrina has helped me move through menopause fitter than I have been for many years, less stressed and with a renewed zest for life. She is sensitive to the changes that we experience at this time in our lives."
Mary C. (Age 56), Physiotherapist

Corrine "I have trained with Terrina for over 2 years now. I had surgery on a torn meniscus in my knee. Exercises my surgeon gave me were not working. Terrina helped me get my knee back into shape through balance training and pole walking. I started with 5 minutes and now walk 6 kilometers in 55 minutes! I lost 26 lbs. and 32.5" last year. Her commitment and positive attitude motivates me to reach my goal."
Corrinne V. – Registered Nurse

Trish "I have been a client of Terrina Masons for over three years now. She has taken me from a couch potato to a fit person who will be riding in the Conquer Cancer ride in June 2009! Terrina is honest, hard working, knowledgeable, and a motivational trainer. Always upbeat, Terrina makes it fun to go to the gym. She returns to "school" at least once a year to update her training skills. Just book a session with her and you too will become a fan club member!"
Trish S. (Big Fan of Terrina Mason - Personal Trainer Extraordinaire!)

Debbie "I came to Terrina after being diagnosed with MS last year. I could barely walk downstairs without help because of balance issues. I can now stand and exercise on a Bosu Balance Trainer and walk downstairs effortlessly. Terrina has helped me stay strong and flexible. I trust her to push me to my limits, even though I sometimes swear at her or just get scared. With Terrina it is more than exercise, the hour is upbeat and filled with encouragement and laughter. Keeping me motivated, with her tons of energy, is a huge factor in my success. At my last appointment at the MS clinic they told me that I am a "Success Story" and I think most of that success can attributed to my workouts sessions with Terrina. And I can honestly say that my quality of life has improved immensely. I do appreciate the workouts so much. Even when she needs to push me and I want to swear or cry and run out of the gym...she is able to keep me focused on what I need to do."
Debbie W.

Katie "Just wanted to say thank you for everything that you have done for me this past year! You have helped me more than you know. Thanks for the laughs, the fun, the workouts, and the friendship and for helping me find "me" again! Love ya!"
Katie, Abbotsford Police Dept.

Bruce "Last year just shortly after New Years I started working out with Terrina because somehow, I allowed myself to get into the worst shape of my life. Today I can honestly say that I am in many ways in better shape than when I was jock in high school. One of my concerns early on was getting this tired, old, soft, flabby body of mine back into shape without any knee or other injuries such as muscle pulls. Terrina has worked me hard, but in a manner in which I saw steady improvements without any injuries. There have been some side effects to working out with Terrina, none of my old clothes fit anymore as they are too baggy. Other than having to buy new clothes, the positive side effects are a substantial reduction in stress, illnesses and an overall better sense of well being. Thanks Terrina,you have been a life saver."
Bruce T.

Marjorie Hi Terrina, So, I've turned 75 and it's been a year in which you have helped me become more fit. My blood pressure has lowered considerable. I have tightened up here and there. I haven't lost a lot of weight but that is because muscle weighs more than fat. Right?! The best thing about being more fit is the way I can enjoy things, especially my grandchildren. I went to Capilano Suspension Bridge with my granddaughter and was able to climb all those hanging walk ways through the trees. She was as surprised as I was and picked up a certificate for me that told what I had accomplished. I can shop and not be the first one to 'drop'. I can do my volunteer stuff and hobbies without becoming fatigued. It is Great!! I was apprehensive about having a trainer ask me to do more than I was capable of doing. You have always kept my sessions challenging but not over taxing. I am still enjoying them. So this is just a short note to say thanks for helping me prove that "I am not getting older, I'm getting better."
Marjorie L.

Amy "About two and half years ago I hired Terrina Mason as my personal trainer. I initially needed help preparing for the POPAT and PARE. Hiring Terrina was the best thing that I could have done. She prepared me in a short period of time, by helping me focus on the important things that I would need to develop strength and endurance and not only did she do that she gave me great amounts of encouragement, many good laughs, tons of fun and helped see results in a short period of time. Her workouts are fun as well as challenging. After finishing one session I always look forward to the next, knowing that she is going to have some sort of trick up her sleeve to make the session more challenging or exciting with some sort of different exercise. Thanks for everything Terrina, It's been a blast!!!"
Amy, Age 24

Karine "About 5 months ago, I hired Terrina as a Personal Trainer to assist me with an upcoming physical for the Correctional Service of Canada. Throughout the short period Terrina has help me achieve remarkable results. During our workouts, she makes it fun and enjoyable while pushing me beyond my limits. Terrina has instilled both personal and physical confidence, which I will be forever grateful."
Karine N., Correctional Services Canada

Elaine "I have been working with Terrina for over a year now. I could never get a workout like this on my own. I have greatly improved my flexibility and strength and lost inches too! Terrina is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, a treasure trove of fitness and health knowledge. She creates exercise experiences that are individualized and challenging, but we do have fun and a lot of laughs! She creates an atmosphere of family with her clients. She will go the extra mile to help you reach your goals. Terrina is more than a trainer she is a friend."
Elaine M.

Cindy "Terrina is very motivating and doesn't let you quit! She is great fun to work with and doesn't mind if you complain a little bit!"
Cindy F.

Maxine "I started my journey with Terrina 3 months ago. It took me from feeling and looking okay to feeling great and looking great as well. As the inches and pounds came off myself confidence went up. What is great about working out with Terrina is that you often find yourself having a good time (while working hard). Even though my personal journey to weight loss and fitness is not over, I know that without Terrina's help and good advice I would have such a long way to go."
Maxine B.

Janie "I have been working out for many years, however, I've never been completely satisfied with my results. After observing Terrina with her clients I decided to have her design a program for me. Finally, I am satisfied with my results!"
Janie G. Homelife Realtor

"Terrina will get the results you want. Her programs and workout sessions are tailored to the limits and needs of the client. She also makes it fun which isn't always easy. It has been money well spent for me!!"
Will T. (Age 37)RCMP

"I have been attending fitness sessions with Terrina for over three years and have found her to be very professional and extremely knowledgeable. She has a genuine interest in my total health and well being and caters my workout programs to address the specific areas of concern. I am in much better condition now than when I started working out with her and I highly recommend her services."
Ken H.

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